How we ended up offering free band websites...

Build a free band website...
...seriously a free website!

About FourFour

I'm Steve and that's Trevor, and the two of us have designed and built FourFour to help bands create a free website. Here's a little bit of history on who we are and how FourFour came to be...

We met in 2005 at The Plant Studios, the historic recording studio in Sausalito, CA. Since the early '70's, The Plant has been the "workplace" of many world famous artists (from Sly Stone to Dave Matthews to Metallica) and the "birthplace" of many great albums (from Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" and Stevie Wonder's "Songs In The Key of Life" to The Breeder's "Last Splash" and The Deftone's "White Pony"). FourFour could not have been born at a more perfect place.

I was at the studio with the metal band Voivod who were there recording their thirteenth album. I was working for Jason Newsted (former Metallica bassist and newest member of Voivod), and managing Jason's record label Chophouse Records.

Trevor was at the studio with his band HIJK recording their debut budget...totally DIY. Trevor's band mate had worked as a studio intern running errands and cleaning up after old-school rock stars in exchange for free recording time.

During downtime, we talked about music and about the music industry. I talked about managing a small, independent label. Trevor talked about being an independent, DIY musician, as well as his work as a web developer where he would create a band website for U2, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, and The Who. Since the business was rapidly moving away from an old-school, big-money, do-it-for-me paradigm towards a new-school, independent, do-it-yourself model, it was clear to us that independent bands and musicians needed access to the same tools and services that were available to major-label artists.

Over the next couple years, we hashed out ideas on how to best use the latest online technologies to provide these new tools and services. All of our ideas kept circling back to the fundamental need for a really kick-ass free band website.

Making it possible to build a free website has become our labor of love.

In 2008, we formed a new company called Pencl Labs, assembled some close friends to be advisors, and began developing FourFour to allow the average band to create a free website.

Today, FourFour will help you easily create a band website. In the future, it will help you do a great deal more.

Steven Pennington