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What are the artists saying?

"Hands down the best site for bands ever!"

Avery D., Drummer of Chicken Diabeetus

"I love FourFour! Great content and features! I'm going to recommend the site to all of my friends who are in bands..."

Mike, Inhuman Infection

"I just finished my website on FourFour. I have been making my own personal websites since 1995. ... I must say that your platform is the very BEST overall experience I have ever had in creating a website. It is fast, efficient and contains all the necessary tools needed for the working musician. ... With FourFour, I had my website complete in just under two days."

Tom Hubbard

"Thanks so much for having this AMAZING PHENOMENAL service."

Dave Magario

"I've been looking for a good free site to host my band's content and this is the best I've found... I paid $200 for similar services, but this is much better than even the pay service... I love being able to have my albums and merch sold through PayPal. It usually takes forever to setup a store like that!! Also, having the Amazon links is awesome, really makes us able to use FourFour for all our needs. Thanks guys!!! Much Love."


"FourFour was the perfect solution to my problem of trying to build a website for Hi-Five for Lo-Fi Records. i did not have the computer skillz necessary to build something on my own completely from scratch (or the time to learn said skillz) nor the money to hire a web designer to build what i wanted. even though my skills and funds were low, i still could not bring myself to use some of the many 'templated' website builders out there (i tried them, but realized quickly that it was not how 'my' site was supposed to look or function).

and then when i was starting to question the reality of building this site, i stumbled upon FourFour. it's not only easy to use for someone with zero skillz, but if like me, you have the bare essentials of HTML down from setting yourself up on something like Myspace, it can become highly customizable with unlimited possibilities. and to top it off, if you do find yourself at a road block, customer service is run by humans who are quick to help with any problems and who are very receptive to new ideas and features to better your site.

in conclusion, i'm sold."

Jeremy, Hi-Five for Lo-Fi Records

"I don't really know much about web design but found this site unbelievabely straight forward to use. If there are any bands or musicians out there who are looking to have a website built by a developer...........STOP..........look no further than FourFour. Easy to use platform and support to back it up. Thanks very much FourFour."

Steve Atkinson, Brigade

"FourFour is an awesome site builder with easy to use functions that allow for a professional looking website for free. There are many band website builders that look similar but charge $15-20/month."

Chris Mader

"We have always felt limited by the constraints of music and social networking sites. Without spending thousands of dollars, it has previously been impossible to create a unique and workable online presence. Now that FourFour exists, Echoes de Luxe has a website that represents the band the way WE want it presented to the world. We can interact with fans, sell merch, share music-all from one easy-to-use, well designed platform. Thank you, FourFour."

Rick, Echoes de Luxe

"Just wanted to say thanks for providing this great 'free' tool for bands. Have only had it a couple of days and completely know my way around it. We had an active site up and running in a matter of hours. It's really user friendly and I'm 'tweaking' it every day, as it's fast and easy and it doesn't feel like a chore. I have used similar sites before and this is by far the most versatile and comprehensive I have come across. Thanks again guys, keep up the good work."

Bill Young, Drummer of Cutloose

"The FourFour site is ideal for any upcoming band to get going with a website. The expense nowdays can be ridiculous, so this site lets you get your music heard and keep all your fans up to date with whats going on, better still its free!!!"

The Pilots

"We used to have our band website setup through a do-it-yourself website hosting program... I'm not super technical when it comes to websites, so the only "do-it-yourself" part that I was successful at was ripping my hair out trying to build the site. Not very user friendly! With FourFour, it has been incredibly easy, and refreshing. Not only do you get a site with all of the necessities to stay current with the music scene, you get the flexibility to build the site the way you want! ... You guys have a great thing going! If you need a website, don't look any where else but FourFour!"

Bob, Jennifer Hill & Co.

"FourFour allowed us to customize our site exactly as we envisioned. The ease and flexibility with which we were able to implement our design made this the most hassle free website experience we've ever had."

General Bradley Meyer, Minister of Propoganda, Generalissimo

"I setup the entire site in a matter of minutes...a process that has taken months in the past. The ability to update and manage a site any time, anywhere, is paramount in today's music business. Enabling fans to track updates (RSS) and easily browse your website makes using FourFour a no-brainer."

Mike Soens, Manager, The Yelling

"FourFour delivers everything we layout, content management, music player, mailing list and great customer service. They're constantly adding new features to fit our needs."

Michael Judd, Drummer, The Yelling