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Online management system for
independent bands and musicians

FourFour delivers all these content management features for free. We believe it's the most advanced system built from the ground up exclusively for bands and musicians.

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New ArtistData Support

If you're syndicating shows, news and blog posts out to multiple websites using ArtistData, FourFour is now the only band website platform to let you use ArtistData to update your official website as well!


Add shows, including event name, show time, buy tickets link, show flyer, and show details. Save time by accessing a community-powered venue database to avoid re-entering venue details if they have already been added by another FourFour artist. Display Upcoming Shows on your homepage, and automatically archive Past Shows immediately after the performance.


Add press, including headline, date published, excerpt, full story, publication, author, and a link to the original story. Save time adding press by accessing a community-powered publication database to avoid re-entering publication details if they have already been added by another FourFour artist.


Add news stories and announcements like you would a blog post, with pictures and links. Old news posts are automatically archived by month.

Twitter Integration

Display your latest "tweets" on your homepage. When adding a new show in FourFour, simultaneously "tweet" the details directly to your Twitter followers. We even auto-generate a short URL for your buy tickets link.

Data Verification

Every time you, or another FourFour artist, adds a new venue or publication to our community-powered databases, we double check the details to ensure completeness and accuracy. We go the extra mile to give you greater peace of mind about the info shared with your fans.

Content Syndication

Shows, news and press updates are automatically published in a single RSS feed that your fans can subscribe to. AddThis links are automatically associated with your content so fans can spread the word.

Single Click Control of Content

With a single click, make your content either "active" (displayed on your site) or "inactive" (saved privately in FourFour but not displayed on your site).

Rich Text Editor

Use our rich text editor to easily style your text, insert links, add images, and even use custom HTML.

New Disqus Comments Support

If you upgrade to "Advanced Designer", you can now easily integrate your website with the Disqus Comments system. Check out "Advanced Designer" to learn more about this brand new premium service.


Add your full discography, including album cover, release date, catalog number, record label, liner notes, track listing, and lyrics. Upload MP3s and stream songs in your Music Player. Every time you stream a song, it's done securely and can't be copied from your site. Check out "Unlimited Media" for advanced media features.

Latest Updates

Automatically display your most recent news and press posts as Latest Updates on your homepage.


All of your content is permalinkable. Each item has it's own page so bloggers and other websites can link directly to it, even after it's moved into your archives.

Google Feed

Use a Google feed on your dashboard to easily add Google News and Blog stories about you to your website in just two clicks, and easily discard the irrelevant results.

Album Reviews

Link reviews to an album in your discography and they will automatically be displayed on the album's detail page.

Photos and Videos

Create photo galleries, upload photos, and add your own captions. Add videos by copying and pasting embed code from YouTube, Vimeo and other online video sharing sites. Drag-n-drop photos and videos into the right sequence.


Add your biography and tell your story to fans, press and people interested in learning more about you. Check out "Unlimited Media" to add an online Press Kit comprising PDF documents and high-resolution publicity photos and album covers, allowing the media to easily download them directly from your site.


Manage your Links page by creating your own link categories, adding descriptions and external links, and dragging-and-dropping them into the right sequence.

Image Manager

Upload, resize, crop, rotate and manage images using our Image Manager, making it easier to include images with content you add to your site.