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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make changes to my website's homepage?

In FourFour, certain areas of your website's homepage are completely dynamic. This means that when you add certain types of content into FourFour, that content may automatically be displayed on your homepage (assuming you've chosen to make the content "active" for public display on your site).

Your homepage comprises a couple modules that use dynamic content:


Latest Updates will automatically display up to the ten most recent items that you've added to Press or News, based on Date Published for Press and Post Date for News. This list will be updated every time you add a new Press or News item, displaying the most recent item first and working backwards.


Upcoming Shows will automatically display upcoming shows that you've added to Shows which have a Show Date the same as the current date or scheduled for a date in the future.

Simply by adding News, Press, and Shows to FourFour, your homepage will automatically be updated and you can rest assured that your homepage is always sharing your most current content with your fans.

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