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How Do I Update My DNS Settings to FourFour's New IP Address

We recently migrated our servers to new hosting infrastructure. This migration required us to change the IP address of our servers.

Our old IP address was:

Our new IP address is:

The following instructions show you how to change your domain name's DNS settings from the old IP address to the new IP address using GoDaddy as your domain name registrar.

If your domain name is not registered with GoDaddy, you should still be able to reference these instructions to help you identify where to make the necessary changes. In short, you go to the DNS Manager for your domain and change the A Records where you currently have our old IP address, replacing it with our new IP address. That's it.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Login to GoDaddy and click on "My Account":

Click on My Account

2. Click on "Launch" button in the "Domains" row:

Launch Domain Manager

3. Click on your domain name link:

Click on your Domain

4. Click on the "Launch" link under "DNS Manager":

Launch DNS Manager

5. Under "A (Host)", click on the old IP address next to " @ " (root A Record). If you have also entered our old IP address for a " * " (wildcard A Record), then simply repeat steps #5 and #6 for this other A Record as well:

Click on Old IP Address

6. Replace our old IP address with our new IP address ( ):

Change IP Address

7. Click on "Save Zone File" button to save changes:

Save Zone File

8. Click "OK" to confirm changes:

Confirm Changes

9. Click "OK" to close window ... you're done!:

You're Done

IMPORTANT: As with all updates to your DNS settings, these updates take time to propagate across the Internet to all the DNS routers across the globe. While this propagation usually takes place rather quickly, it can sometimes take 24-48 hours, depending on your location, your local Internet Service Provider, etc. So please be patient and give the updates time to propagate.

If you have any questions or trouble updating your domain name's IP address, do not hesitate to contact us.

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