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How do I upload a Header Image or Background Image?

Uploading an image into FourFour is easy and straightforward, whether you want to upload a Header Image using our Header Image page:

Uploading a Header Image

or upload a Background Image using our Colors, Font & Background page:

Uploading a Background Image

In either case, simply click the Select Image button to pop-up your FourFour Image Manager, which looks like this:

Image Manager

Your Image Manager will display thumbnails of all the image files you've uploaded into it. It may be empty if you haven't uploaded an image yet. To upload an image from your computer, click the Upload link in the top right of your Image Manager, as highlighted here:

Image Manager Upload

Clicking the Upload link will pop-up another smaller Upload window, which looks like this:

Image Manager Upload

** IMPORTANT ** The maximum file size for images you upload into FourFour is 300KB. This limit on file size helps us optimize the user experience for your fans. It ensures your website loads as quickly as possible and fans with slower Internet connections don't get frustrated waiting for a large image to download. If the image you want to use is too large, use our Image Editor to easily and quickly compress and/or resize it.

You use this Upload form to upload files into your FourFour Image Manager. Click the Browse button to access files on your computer. Browse through your local computer files to find the image file that you want to upload and select it. The path to this file will automatically be added to the "File to upload" field and the file's name will automatically be added to the "As file name" field. Click the Upload button.

Selected Image

You will see an "Uploading..." progress indicator displayed as the file is being uploaded. Once your file has successfully been uploaded, it will say "Upload successful", as highlighted here:

Upload Successful

Close the Upload form by clicking the X in the top right of the small window.

Close Upload Form

The Upload form will disappear and, in your Image Manager, you'll now see a thumbnail of the image file that you just uploaded, as highlighted here:

Select Image

To use this image as your Header Image or Background Image, click on the thumbnail of this image. You will briefly see a "Getting image data, please wait" message, and then your Image Manager will disappear. The path to your image will automatically be added to the form field in your Header Image Editor or Basic Design Editor, as seen here:

Header Image Editor

Basic Design Editor

All you need to do now is finish filling in or editing the other form fields, as needed, and click the form's Save button. And you're done.

Of course, if you have already uploaded an image file into your Image Manager, and a thumbnail of the image you want to use is displayed when you first open your Image Manager, you can skip the above steps for uploading a file and simply click on the image's thumbnail. It will be added to the appropriate field and you're on your way!

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