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What is "Advanced Designer"?

"Advanced Designer" is one of our completely optional Premium Services. Our Premium Services offer you ways to enhance the functionality of your free FourFour account and website. All Premium Services must be purchased to become activated and available for you to use.

"Advanced Designer" is a Premium Service for those of you who: 1) want to design every detail of your website; and 2) already have some experience coding websites in HTML and CSS, or know a web designer who does and is willing to help you customize your site, or are willing to learn the basics of HTML and CSS.

"Advanced Designer" lets you to go way beyond our basic Colors, Font & Background design tool. It lets you professionally customize your site by directly editing your own custom CSS file. For example, if you want to use your own special font for menu links, control the display of sidebar modules on different pages, use images to decorate individual elements throughout your site, or change the layout and put the sidebar on the right side instead of the left side, then this upgrade is exactly what you need.

In short, "Advanced Designer" provides the following enhancements to your FourFour account:

    * Direct access to your custom CSS file for hand-coding your website design
    * Automatic CSS validation to catch errors before they impact your site
    * Integration with Disqus Comments to easily add a comment system to your News/Blog posts
    * Integration with Typekit to easily use custom fonts on your site
    * Immediate access to new premium designer features as they're released

If you've already customized the design of your site using our basic "Colors, Font & Background" design tool, when you upgrade and open the "CSS Editor" for the first time, we'll automatically copy over all of your existing, customized settings for you. That way, there's no starting over! You get to start coding by hand and leverage all of the design work you've already done :)

To upgrade to "Advanced Designer", simply go to your Account page. In the "Premium Features" section, click the "Add to Cart" button to the right of "Advanced Designer". You'll be redirected to PayPal where you can complete payment using your PayPal account or credit card. After making payment, you'll be returned to FourFour and the new feature will be activated. On your Account page, you'll now see a green check mark in the "Active" column for "Advanced Designer" as well as the date of your payment.

More importantly, when you now go to Layout & Design under "Website", you'll see a new "Advanced Designer" heading in the left sidebar, and under that heading a new "CSS Editor" link. Click that link to directly access your custom CSS file!

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