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What is "Unlimited Media"?

"Unlimited Media" is one of our completely optional Premium Features. Our Premium Features offer you ways to enhance the functionality of your free FourFour account and website. All Premium Features must be purchased to become activated and available for you to use.

Running your website on FourFour without "Unlimited Media" means you're restricted to streaming up to 3 songs in your Music Player, you're prevented from offering fans and the press free MP3 downloads, and you're unable to add a Press Kit to your site. "Unlimited Media" is an upgrade that removes all limits on what you can do with your media, and also unlocks some additional media-related features.

In short, "Unlimited Media" provides the following enhancements to your FourFour account:

  1. Stream an unlimited number of songs in your Music Player
  2. Offer fans an unlimited number of songs as free MP3 downloads
  3. Post embeddable play buttons throughout your own website and other sites
  4. Add a Press Kit with high-resolution PDF documents, photos, and album covers for the media to download directly from your site

** In addition to what's currently available in this upgrade, you will also have access to new media features immediately upon their release.

To upgrade to "Unlimited Media", go to your Account page. In the "Premium Features" section, click the "Add to Cart" button to the right of "Unlimited Media". You'll be redirected to PayPal where you can complete payment using your PayPal account or credit card. After making payment, you'll be returned to FourFour and the new feature will be activated. On your Account page, you'll now see a green check mark in the "Active" column for "Unlimited Media" as well as the date of your payment.

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